“I’ve become so reliant on my computer for everything in my day-to-day business; clients, orders, everything really, that I could not exist without it.”

Sue St. Clair, Florist

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What data should I backup?

We recommend backing up only those files that cannot be easily replaced. Generally, these are files that you create and save to your hard drive. Files you create will usually have a name that you assign.

Do backup your personal files.  For Example:
  • Created and/or named by you
  • Difficult to replace, like your financial files
  • Used frequently, like your Internet bookmarks
  • Priceless, like your digital videos and photos

Don’t backup up operating system files or program files.
For example:

  • Operating System files
  • Application or Program files
    (files with the .EXE, .DLL, or .INI extensions)
  • Temporary files (files with the .TMP extension)
  • Scan Disk Error files
    (files with the .CHK extension)
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